San Francisco, CA
Full Moon Saloon

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Larry Lalonde - Guitar, Tim Alexander - Drums


To Defy the Laws of Tradition
Mr. Knowitall
Groundhog's Day
Too Many Puppies
Frizzle Fry
John the Fisherman
The Toys Go Winding Down
Pudding Time
Spegetti Western
Harold of the Rocks
The Pressman
The Heckler

Rap Medley >
Tommy the Cat >
Tom Sawyer >
Tommy the Cat

- First known performance of Frizzle Fry in its entirety. Les announces it as such after Tradition
- Rap Medley is one verse of Bring the Noise > One Verse of Gangsta Gangsta > One Verse of Timebomb sung by Tim Soya
- Tom Sawyer sang as "Tim Soya"
- Master of Puppets tease during Tommy the Cat

General Notes about this show:
Full Frizzle Fry performance to celebrate the upcoming CD release.