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All (but the first show) of Tour de Fromage and all of Hallucino Genetics are available in official bootleg download form on

The "bootleg barn"sub-page of the main Primus commercial site ( includes a handful of audience quality recordings available for MP3 free download. None of these shows have been commercially released or professionally edited (some came from our archives!). We mention this for fan interest only; none of the featured songs are counted as adding to the officially released material.

Released Live Originals

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Other Les Claypool Band Material

Holy Mackerel


Purple Onion

Released Covers

Suck On This

Frizzle Fry (2002 reissue)

NOTE: Prior to this reissue, the studio version of these covers was available on a Residents tribute CD entitled Eyesore: A Stab at the Residents.

Miscellaneous Debris

NOTE: Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd) has yet to be confirmed.

Woodstock 1994 compilation CD and Animals DVD


NOTE: To our knowledge, Amos Moses (Jerry Reed) has never been played live.

Nativity In Black Part 2

Mule Variations (Tom Waits)

Unreleased Covers


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Official Videos

NOTE: Over the years, there have been several Netcasts of live shows (11/16/97, 07/16/99, 07/25/99), none of which were formally released through commercial media but were available for viewing and download by fans. Also to be noted is the monumental 8/12/98 Internet Infiltration (i.e. Netcast only performance of Primus live in their studio).

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