Les Claypool / Untitled (2008-2009)


Following the summer 2007 Fancy Band tour in support of the DVD, Les has engaged in a number of projects with various lineups. He returned to Gathering of the Vibes (last played in 2002) in 8/07, playing a unique solo bass banjo set, followed by a reunion of the 2000 one time 'Rat Brigade' with Chimenti and Lane. In 10/07 he played single show in a trio format with Dillon and Skerik only, and talked in interviews about plans of working with new, less traditional band formats. After a final Fancy lineup show for NYE, in spring 2008 he did a full tour without Gabby in an untitled band (they did NOT wear the FANCY t-shirts). Then in summer 2008 he premiered a new lineup with Sam Bass (from Deadweight fame on cello) and MIRV, which only played a handful of shows, including NYE. Fall 2008 saw another one off show with Bass and the return of Gabby. In 2009 he settled on a lineup of Dillon, Baldi and Sam Bass, which recorded and released Of Fungi and Foe, and toured in its support in 2009-10.



The spring 2008 tour consisted of Les, Dillon, Baldi and Skerik; the 2009 lineup replaced Skerik with Sam Bass.



Les Claypool - see Claypool's Unusual Instruments


Live Repertoire

Of Fungi and Foe



Of Whales And Woe



Purple Onion



Unreleased Originals



Other Les Claypool Band Material


Holy Mackerel








Covers - ? (Stanley Clarke), Bed's Too Big, Black Dog, Cygnus, Dueling Banjos, Fantastic Voyage, Glide, Hello Skinny, Kashmir, Master of Puppets, Them Changes


Vocal Teases/Lyrics


Official Video


Guest Performers


Frank Catalano aka Ballpark Frank (baritone sax)

Karl Denson (sax)


Eenor (guitar)


Tom Hagerman (violin) - from 2009 spring our opening band DeVotchKa

Warren Haynes (guitar)

·        06/04/10 - Buzzards


Eugene Hutz (vocals) - Frontman for the band Gogol Bordello, he first shared the stage with Les at the 2008 Bonnaroo all Waits cover set, and recorded Bite Out of Life off of Of Fungi and Foe.

Gabby La La (sitar)

Brian Kehoe (vocals, guitar)

·        12/31/09 - Locomotive Breath (vocals); D’s Diner (guitar)

Jay Lane (drums)

·        07/10/09 – Riddles

Lonnie Marshall (bass)


Matisyahu (vocals)

·        06/05/09 - Errol

Morphine (Jerome Deupree on percussion, Billy Conway on Drums and Dana Colley on baritone saxophone) - Les announced that he had been in the studio that day with the remaining members of Morphine

Skerik (sax)

Jeanie Schroder (sousaphone) - from 2009 spring our opening band DeVotchKa

Trey Spruance (guitar) - best known as guitar player in Mr Bungle, as well as his work with his own projects, most notably Secret Chiefs 3, which opened for Les in both 2008 and 2009 spring tours.

Saul Williams (vocal) - lead vocalist of rap opening band from spring 2009 tour


Tour By Tour Analysis


Spring 2008 

This tour was by the untitled, Gabby less (i.e. ? Fancy) band of Dillon, Baldi and Skerik. The material was similar to Fancy Band 2006-7 tours, although Highball material was de-emphasized, and Lust Stings, Filipino Ray and Phantom Patriot were all rarely played. In exchange, Les raided the Primus vaults, unveiling Coattails of a Dead Man (never before played live!!), Duchess and Fisticuffs off the Brown album (these had not been played in a decade!) and John the Fisherman. The band also premiered two new covers: Sabbath's Electric Funeral and rare performances of Morphine's Honey White.


This lineup/tour introduced the following complete songs:

Total # Complete Songs Played On Tour:  30 band, 8 bass banjo only


NYE 2008, Jam Cruise and Spring 2009

This tour was in support of the Of Fungi and Foe CD, and featured the lineup of Baldi, Dillon and Sam Bass on cello. The band premiered 6 songs off the new studio album, as well as Waits' Russian Dance. After the first 4 tracks off the studio album were all premiered in the opening days of the tour, George Martin and Errol made late and rare appearances as the tour wound down. There were typically 3 openers the entire tour, limiting Les' set to about 90 minutes.


This lineup/tour introduced the following complete songs:


Total # Complete Songs Played On Tour:  30 band, 4 solo bass banjo only

Summer 2009 and 12/09 shows

Basically a lengthy 2 part continuation of the spring 2009 tour, with overall similar setlists, most notable for a lack of premieres of any further material off the Fungi and Foe album. On a positive note, this lineup played Southbound Pachyderms in its entirety. The band co headlined some shows with Matisyahu. There was also a short run of Australia shows in 12/09, mostly notable for being the first time Les had gone to Australia with a solo act, and the first time he had played there since a handful of Primus shows in 2000.

This lineup/tour introduced the following complete songs:

·        Claypool originals: Hamburger Train (once), Southbound Pachyderms (first full performances outside of Primus)

·        Covers: none

Total # Complete Songs Played On Tour:  band,  solo bass banjo only

Winter-Spring 2010

Again, the setlists stayed pretty similar to the 2009 shows (the band did premiere a Rush cover, and started playing Whamola), as Les concluded the final tours with this specific lineup. The short US legs of the tour bookended a jaunt through Europe, a first for any of his solo projects, which was also his first time back to Europe since the Primus summer 1998 tour.

This lineup/tour introduced the following complete songs:

·        Claypool originals: none

·        Covers: Spirit Of the Radio

Total # Complete Songs Played On Tour:   band,  solo bass banjo only


Special Shows

Historically Important Shows

·        06/13/08 – The transitional lineup with Bass and MIRV appear at Bonnaroo, premiering .50 Cal.

·        01/04/09 – Jam Cruise 2 night run, including premiere of Amanitas and several guest spots, these were the first official shows of the Fungi lineup

New Year’s Eve

·        12/31/08 – The transitional lineup with Bass and MIRV, this set is notable for the premiere of Russian Dance, and a guest spot by the long gone Gabby.

·        12/31/09 – Notable for a one time performance of Hamburger Train, a one time return of Locomotive, and several guest spots.

·        12/31/10 – A one time NYE super band consisting of prior Frog Brigade and Fancy Band members (including Kehoe, Gabby, Lane, Skerik), they played an opening set for Primus. The setlist is totally standard 2009-10 material, except one has to consider that half the band had never played Amanitas or Booneville before.

Radio/TV Appearances

·        04/01/2009 – Red State Girl, Booneville Stomp

Classic Shows

·        11/10/09 – a guitar masturbation night one off, as Ler, Eenor and Gabby all sat in on a short set at an intimate venue, as Les premiered his brand of red wine.

·        11/19/11 – the third annual Les wine related show, featuring a mixed bag of Les accomplices playing a modified 2009-10 era setlist, including rare performances of Gauntlet and Prelude To Fear, and Lee Van Cleef played for the first time by a non Primus band.