Brian "Brain" Mantia


Given Brain's long recording and touring history prior to joining Primus, this is not the web site to delve into his past work. However, it is worth noting that because of Brain's extensive history of collaborations with a wide range of musicians, his stint in Primus has been very beneficial in exposing both Claypool and Lalonde to new musical relationships. For example, during Brain's time in Primus, both DJ Disk and Buckethead (with whom Brain had worked previously) became major collaborators, and the Praxis connection has given Claypool the opportunity to play with legendary keyboardist Bernie Worrell. The bands mentioned here include those that have some overlap with Primus, as well as his major post-Primus gigs that have involved significant amounts of live performances.

Bucket of Bernie Brains

see Bernie Brains in the claypool section.


Brain has been Buckethead's drummer of choice on many of his solo and various band projects, both in the studio and live, most notably in the power trio Giant Robot with House (from MIRV, on bass).

Guns N Roses

Brain (and Buckethead) both joined GnR in late 2000. Brain (and Josh Freese from A Perfect Circle, Vandals and multiple studio projects) split the drum chair for GnR's new studio album, Chinese Democracy, which took 6 years to make before it was finally released in 2006. The band has played some scattered shows over the years. In quite a change from the funk stylings Brain added during his Primus days, in GnR Brain has been laying down the classic rock beats just like Matt Sorum and Steve Adler used to do (even more of a change is seeing Buckethead play Slash's solos and riffs note for note, as opposed to in his own inimicable style).

Holy Mackerel

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No Forcefield

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One of bassist/composer/producer Bill Laswell's many projects, Praxis released several studio and live albums throughout the 1990s. The core group is Brain, Bernie Worrell and Buckethead, with Bootsy Collins, Laswell, various DJs and several other musicians making appearances over the years. Please note that Les' Bucket of Bernie Brains (see Claypool page) is essentially the Praxis lineup with Les instead of Bootsy.


see Sausage in the Claypool section

Serj Tankian

Brain recorded the System Of a Down frontman's solo record Elect the Dead and toured in its support in 2008, joining Ler Lalonde in the live band.

Tom Waits

Brain had recorded on several Waits albums over the years, including Bone Machine, Mule Variations (Big In Japan, with Les and Ler as well) and Real Gone. He also played live with Waits, at least in 1992.